Clearing the Cache

Our Noble Tree

We got wrapped up in our decorationsJennilyn’s family celebrates Christmas all-out. They have a real Christmas tree decked out and glowing, wrapped presents to be opened on Christmas day, stockings full of treats, lots of sweets, and so on. My family? Well, we started out decorating with some Christmas lights around the living room haphazardly, and for many years, a plastic Christmas tree that was on its last limb. Literally. It was basically a holey wooden stick with spray-painted metal wires with fake pine branches attached to it. We got good use of it over the years before we finally got rid if it (at least I think we got rid of it). In recent years, my dad has used a tripod for a Christmas tree. Laugh all you want, but I give my dad props for effort—in an engineer sort of way. Gotta hand it to the man though, he’s resourceful for what he’s got.

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Clearing the Cache

Snow at Sunriver

David and Christine Vernier open up their vacation condo in Sunriver, Oregon for all the employees at Vernier. I hadn’t taken the opportunity the first year I worked at Vernier, but after hearing over and over again how wonderful it is, I signed up. All the employees get one opportunity per year, so I didn’t want to miss out my second year in a row.

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Daily Rice and Chicken

Time to Hibernate!

Autumn ColorsI love the fall colors. I even love the rain storms. But I don’t care for the freeeezing cold!! I feel like gathering nuts and berries and finding a warm cave to snuggle next to the other bears as they sleep through the cold winter. Well, I’d miss my husband, and he is warm-blooded, so I’ll just stick close to his side. I guess I should try really hard to put some fat on me too. That way I’ll not only have padding to keep me warm, but I’ll no longer be associated with the B.B.C. (Boney Butt Club)!

Daily Rice and Chicken

Jenni’s Top Five Songs

A month ago, my brother-in-law tagged me to blog my current top favorite songs. I’m a little late in the game, but here goes:

  • There Can Be Miracles and the whole soundtrack of The Prince of Egypt
  • In Christ Alone by Phillips, Craig & Dean
  • Moon Glide by Prayful
  • Purify Me by India Arie
  • Song For You by Rick Braun