Clearing the Cache

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We wish everyone a wonderful and great Thanksgiving! In the spirit of turkeys, the picture above was actually taken last year at my company’s Thanksgiving Turkey party. One of my talented coworkers made turkey cupcakes to share with everyone at the office.

Food art is pretty cool, it’s just too bad that it gets eaten up.

Picture This

Playing with Portraits

Memoirs of a Band Geek

I took a Photoshop course this past Monday that taught me a lot about RAW workflow, tone and color correction, and retouching techniques. I thought I knew a lot about Photoshop, but the instructor showed me many great techniques to put more “pop” in my pictures. Ben Willmore was a great instructor and I’d highly recommend him to anyone who wants to see how curves in Photoshop is truly used.

The picture of Jenni was originally shot as a test portrait at my workplace. I’m in charge of doing employee portraits next week, so Jenni was helpful (as always) and picked up some backdrops for me. We tested a green, blue, and black. I couldn’t help but snap a half-portrait with the black since it looked so dramatic. And the end result? An interesting but not terribly useful pseudo-spoof on the movie, Memoirs of a Geisha.