Clearing the Cache

This Gift is ‘Da Bomb’

Jennilyn’s family is fun and creative in their Christmas gifts. They go the full ten yards in wrapping the gift with unusual boxes, noise makers, and special shapes to prevent the recipient from guessing what is inside.

My first Christmas with Jennilyn, I got the gag wrap where there are bags inside of bags inside of bags. And then there was duct tape to get through. Last year, Jennilyn put metal nails and batteries inside my gift so when I shook it, I would hear metal clashing and thuds.

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Daily Rice and Chicken

Star Wars @ OMSI: The Hills Strike Back

Seeing the Star Wars exhibit once wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to share it with with my family too, so we all gathered there on the Friday morning before Christmas. The crowds and traffic were a challenge, but we took the place by storm.

My youngest brother, Rex, flew in from NY the night before, so the first thing I did was hug him and make the whole family pose for a picture together. The rest of the day can told through the photos.

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Clearing the Cache

A Short Time Ago, At OMSI Not Too Far Away…

Leah, James, Jack, Jenni and I visited the OMSI exhibit of Star Wars to see the science of the space saga. There were many props on display from all six movies in the two triologies, including models, costumes, lightsabers, blasters, and vehicles. More after the jump into hyperspace!

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Clearing the Cache


It’s been an interesting few days with the high-speed winds blowing in the northwest. We experienced two blackouts in three days.

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