Clearing the Cache

Crossing Milestones

This week I finished up two big projects. I had been working on a fairly complex web project at work that I launched as phase one. I’m quite proud of it as it has gone through several revisions based on feedback and requirements changing. It’s an online purchasing guide for Vernier Software & Technology. By far, it’s the most complex web app I’ve built for them.

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Daily Rice and Chicken

Ellensburg, WA

Ellensburg is a special place to me. It was where I was born and where I went to college for a few years. Since meeting David, I’ve visited his college in Corvallis several times for OSU’s Ballroom dances. So last weekend, I was excited to get to share my college stomping grounds of Central Washington University with him.

Stonehenge near I-90 and Highway 14We took off Friday afternoon and finally made it out of Portland an hour later. Gotta love traffic! We headed east and made a quick photo stop at the Stonehenge replica just north of the Columbia River Gorge, south of Goldendale. We passed by Mt. Adams, which holds fun and not-so-fun memories of back pack trips with my family. As we finished our approximate 4 hour trip, I had already visited all the sites we would see in my mind, and revisited lots of memories of friends and happenings in the little windy town of Ellensburg.

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