Daily Rice and Chicken

Ain’t It Quaint?

We just moved into our new one-room place at Oakview Village. When I first looked at it, I liked it. I didn’t think we’d get it though, because it was bigger than the other one-room apartments I’d seen, and too expensive. But one morning, I prayed that God would show us where to go, and I trusted Him to do so as I drove around looking at different places. By late afternoon, I was ready to quit when I got a phone call from Oakview. The manager asked me if I would reconsider living at Oakview if she lowered the price to what we were hoping for! Thanks, Lord!

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Clearing the Cache

The Lunch Love Language

Jennilyn's packed lunchesBefore we got married, we both read “The Five Love Languages,” where it describes each person having specific ways they give and receive love. We both were strong in “Words of Affirmation” and “Quality Time.” But though the book primarily talks about each of us having a primariy and secondary language, I believe that speaking in all the love languages fills the “love tank” much more successfullly.

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Clearing the Cache

Not the Itsy Bitsy Spider

“I hate spiders.”

“I’m deathly afraid of spiders.”

I’m amazed at how many times I’ve chuckled as people confessed their fear and sometimes hatred of spiders. I’m not so much amused at their fear, but that spiders in general are small creatures with an enormous capacity to scare and terrorize. Even myself.

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Clearing the Cache

Clark2 and Mary

It’s been a fabulous weekend celebrating with Clark and Mary as their wedding is coming up fast! First up was Clark’s bachelor party on Saturday evening that was a laid-back time with dinner, the driving range, then pool and darts. Sunday, we celebrated with Clark and Mary at their shower.

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