Clearing the Cache

Licensed to Laugh

DRGNSJenni and I were heading home from the Asian food store, Uwajimaya, and as we got off highway 217, we stopped behind a vehicle with a license plate “DRGNS.”

“Dragons,” I stated.

“Or Dr. Guns,” Jennilyn added. We turned and smiled at each other.

I pointed to myself, “Geek,” and to her, “Country girl.”

We laughed and she pointed out that the vehicle was a truck. I crinkled my nose at her and made our turn home.

Clearing the Cache

Kevin and Josselyn

Kevin and Josselyn TomJenni, Jack, and I visited Los Angeles this last weekend for my cousin’s wedding. Kevin, Jack, and I spent a good portion growing up learning multiplication from our grandpa, talking about who’s getting which Transformer robot, and blowing crap up with firecrackers that we got from our dentist. He moved away from Oregon before I started middle school, but our mischievous adventures of many years will always be a part of me. It was a huge blessing to be a part of a major milestone in his life.

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