Clearing the Cache

Christmas in Battle Ground

Kadence's First ChristmasWe hope everyone had a splendid Christmas! We drove up to Battle Ground a few days before Christmas to spend time with Jennilyn’s family. Her brother Rex was in town from New York for a week, so it was great having the Hill family all reunited. And of course, it was be Kadence’s first Christmas, so we were excited to include her into our Christmas traditions.

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Straight to True North

Merry Christmas!

We wish everyone the best this holiday. We are excited to introduce Kadence to a whirlwind of Christmas traditions, all centered on the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. We also looked back at how God has carried us this year.

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Picture This

Klingon Kadie

Klingon Kadie
I’m not a Star Trek fan, but I know a Klingon when I see one. Or perhaps the lack of sleep has me seeing and doing things unnaturally 😉


Laugh Out Loud

The first time Kadence laughed was when I gave her a bath. I had put her ears underwater and the Lord inspired me (which must’ve been the Lord because who else would think of crazy things to do) to snap my fingers underwater. She chuckled briefly and I laughed in amazement. I always thought that I would miss out on so many of Kadence’s firsts because I’m at work most of the day. I’m sure I’ll miss things in the future, but I’ve been blessed to been the first to experience some things.

The video above of yours truly performing raspberries on Kadie’s belly was a few days after her first chuckle. Again, out of the blue, I decided to lift her up and blow on her tummy. Her laughter was adorable. I love watching her learn how to do all these simple things I’ve taken for granted—and to live life anew through the eyes of someone experience everything for the first time.


Facial Expression Check

Here’s a of Kadence’s facial expressions self-check: going through as many facial expressions as possible under 90 seconds. Sometimes I wonder what is in that baby brain of her’s.

Picture This

All Clean and Fresh

Kadence after a bath


Cooing Mr. Incredible

Kadence has started using her voice more. We laid her on a mat with Mr. Incredible and we’re certain she has some very important things to say to him.

Now, if we could only get her to tell us what she wants instead of crying…


Twelve Months of O’ Seven

Twelve Months of 07As we were writing our Christmas letter this evening, our creativity got the best of us. We had our own version of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas,’ appropriately themed around Jenni’s pregnancy.

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