80's Movie Month Madness

80’s Movie Month

This animation is what got it all started:

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Kadie’s 2nd Month Video

Straight to True North

Shall We Dance?

Beaverton Foursquare Church Christmas 2007: The Hidden GiftIn early November, our friends Tracy and Pastor Steve Mitchell visited us for lunch. They approached us about being part of Beaverton Foursquare’s Christmas ministry and Steve described the Christmas theme as “The Hidden Gift,” And he wanted us to share our love story with the church.

Like a favorite movie, we’ve enjoyed sharing how God put us together with friends and family, but sharing it with our whole church body of what seemed like 3,000 people was… God-sized. We had asked God to use us for His purposes, and it was time to take a bigger leap of faith.

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100 Days Old

Rumor has it that in China it’s special for a baby to reach 100 days old. So in honor of that, I have created a video of Kadence’s 1st month. I wanted to do all three months, but here’s the 1st with more to follow.

Clearing the Cache

Heartattack Hill

There’s a funny section of road by Jennilyn’s parents house in Battle Ground. It’s a big dip in the road unlike any I’ve ever seen. Big enough that the sign preceding it is, quite simply, a lie. It’s not a dip—it’s an acute “V” in the road.

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Picture This

Kadie Bear

Kadie Bear and Pals

We received the bear outfit from our friends Jake and Linda, and Kadie is now big enough to fit. We arranged her with many of the stuffed animals we’ve received.

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