Clearing the Cache

Five Years at Vernier

My boss and I couldn’t believe it. Five years has passed since I first walked into the Vernier building. I arrived early because I wanted to make a good impression, only to meet my boss’ boss since my boss hadn’t arrived yet.

I’ve been incredibly blessed to have been part of a company as wonderful as Vernier. God strategically placed me there for He knew my needs—and my future family needs—when I was hired.

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Clearing the Cache

Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia 1I remember standing at a Radio Shack and admired a simple-looking fellow in a dungeon on a computer monitor. I pushed a few buttons on the keyboard and got the man to move about, and eventually jump.

I was amazed at the fluid movement animation that even had inertia. I made my way through the dungeon and came across another man, who came at me with a sword. The other man proceeded to kill my avatar and I figured out that I needed a sword for my character—who turned out to be a prince.

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Straight to True North


Two weeks ago I was discussing with David about why politics is such a touchy subject. He mentioned something I had known but hadn’t put my finger on before: people are so passionate about politics because it reflects their values, their world view – something very near and dear to them.

When I look at it from that angle, it makes sense why many people who share the same faith in Jesus Christ, share similar views on politics. What was interesting about this most recent election is how Christians seemed to be on both sides of the fence; I didn’t know who to vote for until the last remaining week or days.

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