Daily Rice and Chicken

Baby Brain

Sleep deprivation leads to interesting side effects. David and I have developed hearing problems. I’ve realized that it does no good getting mad at him for saying “Huh?” every time I say something to him. Now we just repeat what we thought we heard.

David: “Huh? You need to grebber garble gooka?”
Jenni: “No! I need to grab the diaper bag!”

(I just made that up because I can’t remember what we’ve actually said, but it’s a lot like that.) Needless to say, our processing skills are a bit shot, just as our eyes are blood-shot.

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Kick It Like Kadie

Here is Kadie’s first experiences with soccer. Maybe I’ll explain that eating the ball is against the rules when she gets a little older. Not bad for a 7 month old, eh?!


Jedi Padawans


Slurping A Spoonful of Silly

Clearing the Cache

House Buying Tools

We made an offer on a house today! When our realtor called us last night that the seller verbally accepted our offer, it sounded like she was more excited than we were. I think we were excited as well, but it’s almost unreal. We bought a house

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Laughing Machine Gun