A Dolly For My Baby

At some point I had noticed Kadence smiling, kicking her feet and making noises when she saw other babies. She spends a lot of time at home by herself, so I decided it was time to get her a little friend.

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Clearing the Cache

A Table with a View

War scene on our table
I’m not normally interested in ornate furniture, but when my cousin Kevin sent me an e-mail asking if I would be interested in a Chinese table, I couldn’t help but be intrigued.

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Clearing the Cache

Power to the People

I never paid much attention to the Olympics before but Jennilyn’s excitement got me watching the opening ceremonies. As I thought about it, being in Beijing and hosted by China, the opening ceremonies would be a fantastic party. So I was somewhat excited to see what China had prepared to start off the Olympic games. What a show they pulled off!

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Clearing the Cache


Welcome to our new redesign! I had been looking to update our site for over a year but other things in life took priority. After settling in to our new home and doing long stretches of web development at work, I couldn’t stop thinking about web coding. Thankfully, Jenni understood my web itch and allowed me to be a code monkey in the evenings, weekends, and early mornings. Hey, when there’s a baby in the house, everything takes twice as long.

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Picture This

Jenni and Friends

As part of Jennilyn’s birthday party, we took pictures of her and her friends to commemorate the day and also get a little goofy. Thanks to all her friends for being patient while I got my gear set up properly.

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