Dance From the Center

Bridge Town Swing 2008

Photo by Tim LoreyI have to give props to all the volunteers who pulled the event together in a few short months. Even with a solid foundation and several experienced staff members, Bridge Town Swing (BTS) had some big internal changes this year, but I believe the new direction will be good for the event and the Portland Swing Dance Club.

Jenni and I had planned to go to BTS for Saturday afternoon, after Gerry and Amy’s wedding in Oregon City. We couldn’t justify the cost of attending the event in full, but since we were in the area for the wedding, visiting our dance friends afterward was a no-brainer.

On the Sunday before BTS, Greg Krolicki, the new event director, called Jennilyn and offered complimentary guest passes for my work on the Portland Swing Dance Club web site—in particular, the BTS section. It was a very generous of him.

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Clearing the Cache

Putting My Face in Facebook

After holding out from joining yet another social network, I finally signed up on Facebook, and was amazed at the automation Facebook does to connect people. It does a pretty scary good job at matching me to people I actually know in real life.

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Clearing the Cache

Gerry and Amy’s Wedding

Gerry and Amy's WeddingJenni, Kadence, and I had the privilege of attending Gerry and Amy’s wedding this past Saturday. Gerry helped us move from our first apartment to our second, delivered our current sofa and taking our old sofa back to GoodWill, and drove us when Jenni was pregnant and couldn’t walk home from church.

We were very happy that Gerry found the woman God designed for him. We met Amy only briefly before their wedding, but they looked very happy together.

The cloudy sky gave a diffused glow to the outdoor ceremony. Small streams trickled alongside the area with the gazebo at the Abernethy Center Veiled Garden. I enjoyed that the atmosphere was serene and peaceful, devoid of any hectic and anxiousness that can happen on such a monumental day.

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Dance From the Center

Yo Ho Yo Ho, a Swingin’ Life fer Me!

Pirate LimsHey matey, it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day! We be eastbound to de airport, see…going fer some loot at Bridge Town Swing. Perrrhaps we’ll stumble upon some golden treasure…

Our lil’ lass will be gettin’ her dance legs! Arrrg! It’ll be grrreat seeing our friends, pillaging de midnight buffets, and gettin’ a little booty swayin’ in ourselves. Can’t say we’ve been out to de dance floor much dis year, da baby keeps us at port most nights, arrrg…cleanin’ poop decks and de like. Still, can’t keep a good pirate anchored!


Kadie’s Third Month

The Chinese people view a baby’s 100th day as a special day. Our handy counter on the bottom of our blog says she’s now 346 days old! It was my goal to capture those first 100 days of Kadence’s life and I finally created the last video of her first 3 months. This one is particularly fun because of her first fits of laughter.

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Sneak Peek

Peekaboo through a box

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Picture This

Geek Goggles

When Vernier was promoting the new vision coverage benefit, they handed out gag-gift glasses. I took a picture of myself wearing them with my camera phone and sent it to Jenni. Apparently, it was the funniest picture she had seen of me.

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