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Nick and Jessie

Nick and Jessie Swagger

We visited Bend last weekend to photograph my friend’s wedding. Nick was a good friend from college, who I met long before I studied in the land of orange and black.

Nick and I go back a long ways—back to my elementary school years. Nick and I shared a mutual friend of my brother Jack, the Kevin Bacon of Portland™, Nile Hagen. We met at one of Nile’s birthday sleepover parties. I remember Nick recollecting his first impressions of Jack and me—how we obsessed over Nile’s video games instead of hanging out with the other kids at the party.

It wasn’t until high school gym class at Benson when I got to know Nick a little better. When we were running laps, Nick and I ran together to keep each other company. Beyond that, however, Nick and I never ran into each other for the remainder of high school. We pursued different majors in Benson and didn’t really share any common interests. We were still mainly acquaintances.

My first year at Oregon State University, Nick’s close friend, Mike Joyer, was my roommate, and I got to be around Nick more. In my second and third year at OSU, Nick and I were on the same floor of McNary Hall. That’s when I got to be good friends with Nick.

I can’t really go much more beyond that without exposing all the shenanigans Nick masterminded (and I documented) in the dorms. Suffice to say, Nick is one of the few people who makes me laugh until I’m almost crying, street smart, and an all-around good guy to be friends with.

I’m very happy that he married Jessie and wish only the best to him and his bride.

See a few photos from Nick and Jessie Swagger’s wedding »

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  1. Rachel Jones says:

    Beautiful pictures! That cake is so fun!

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