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My Sewing Project

My Sewing Machine
I’ve decided to do a sewing project for baby #2. Ever since using my cousin’s huge receiving blanket last summer, I’ve wanted some but didn’t want to pay a lot for them. So a $20 trip to the fabric store provided me with four big blankets and some matching burp rags. They sure look homemade, but I’m rather attached to them since the finishing stitch around the edges took me over an hour to sew for each blanket. Granted, most of the time seemed to be spent on trying to refill the bobbin. I guess it was good entertainment for David who kept laughing while hearing me grumble or make strong exclamations at the machine.

Not to complain, though. I’m thrilled to get my Grandma Hill’s old Pfaff machine, which my parents and Rex chipped in to get repaired. It was an expensive Christmas/birthday gift, more money than it costs to get a new cheap machine from Costco or somewhere. But the Pfaff is also worth quite more if I sold it. I don’t know that I will sell it ever. It’s a link to a very dear woman, and I can imagine Grandma sewing the stuffed animals she made for me.

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