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Happy 30th Birthday Jenni!

Jenni and Family

Happy 30th Birthday Jenni! You have two beautiful daughters who adore you and a husband who can’t live without you. We hope you have a relaxing day and we’ll try to stay out of trouble.

4 Responses to “Happy 30th Birthday Jenni!”

  1. Rachel Jones says:

    Happy birthday Jenni! Can’t wait to see you!! Thanks for posting the pictures of Violet- that was so much fun to look through. She is just beautiful.

  2. Kari and Family says:

    What a great family picture. Happy Birthday!

  3. Daylene says:

    You four are so stinkin’ adorable! Happy birthday, Jenni.

  4. Jim Hill says:

    Happy wonderful birthday dear Jenni. Great picture David and great joy to share with all, just like God planned. Love Grandpa Jim and Grandma Polly.

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