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Hans Zimmer

The greatest gift my parents bestowed upon me was a love for music. One of my mom’s favorite qualities of my dad is his love for music. My mom once described how she loves music but emphasized that my dad loves it more. Thanks to their love for music, I have a shared interest with my lovely band geek who played trombone and a love for dance–few things are as beautiful as a visual magically choreographed to music.

Lately, I’ve been engrossed with Hans Zimmer music. I’ve enjoyed his music ever since his collaboration in The Rock movie score, with a triumphant opening track and a dramatic and moving third section in Rocket Away. When that portion comes up, I can visualize the sequence of the movie where Nicolas Cage’s character stumbles out with green smoke flares to save the hostages at Alcatraz.

I stumbled upon a comment on a gaming site that reported that Hans Zimmer was tapped to score Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and a gamer shared that their favorite Zimmer song was Chevaliers de Sangreal from The Da Vinci Code movie. One quick YouTube search later, I had that song playing on repeat while working on a medium-scale web site update for work.

Here a few of my favorites from Hans Zimmer:

  • Nyah and Ethan and Injection from Mission Impossible 2
  • Now We Are Free from Gladiator
  • Rocket Away and Hummell Gets the Rockets from The Rock
  • Chevaliers de Sangreal from The Da Vinci Code
  • 503 from Angels and Demons
  • Hero and Oogway Ascends from Kung Fu Panda
  • Molossus and Vespertilio from Batman Begins
  • Aggressive Expansion from The Dark Knight

3 Responses to “Hans Zimmer”

  1. James Lao says:

    Surprised that something from Dark Knight isn’t on there.

  2. David says:

    Good catch. There is a song from Batman Begins I liked and The Dark Knight had a good song too.

  3. Joseph says:

    You should check out some of the music from Thomas Newman (Green Mile, Road to Perdition, Meet Joe Black, Finding Nemo, Angels in America) and Alan Silvestri (Serendipity, Castaway, Contact, Forest Gump). Also, “Beyond Rangoon” by Hans Zimmer is an excellent soundtrack…

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