52,000 Words for 1 Year

Dearly Departed

Bus bench in LongviewA bench across the street from Father’s House Church after Steve’s funeral service.

Daily Rice and Chicken

We’ll See You Again, Uncle Steve

Steve and FamilyI went to my Uncle Steve’s funeral today. He was my mom’s younger brother, the youngest of 5. He had five kids himself, with some grandchildren too. Cancer is what took his life.

He had been diagnosed a couple years ago, and seemed to overcome it. But a while later the cancer returned. He had to stop teaching in September due to the pain, and from then on he battled it out until the Lord took him home last Friday.

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52,000 Words for 1 Year

Kadie On Call

Kadie on her cellphone

I came home from work on night to find Kadie sitting on her training potty at her kitchen table talking on her toy cellphone with her grandpa.

52,000 Words for 1 Year

Sunday Morning Sweep

Kadie and Jenni cleaning

Jenni is a clever mom. She makes house chores into a game so that Kadie enjoys cooking and cleaning.

52,000 Words for 1 Year

American Size Preferences

Our Washer's Two Size Options

For my first picture of 2010, I wanted to share a funny quirk of our washer. When we moved in, I remember chuckling at the two load size options presented.

52,000 Words for 1 Year

52 Photos for 2010

I’ve been intrigued by photo projects ever since discovering 365 portraits (careful, some portraits are very strange) a while back. I don’t have the energy to take a photo and put it on out blog daily, but I wanted to do at least one a week.

The photos will be taken by myself or Jenni. They don’t represent the best of the best, but something we found amusing, funny, or intriguing.

At the very least, it’ll keep our blog a bit more up to date than it has been and taking 52 photos this year is easier than typing 52,000 words 😉 So stay tuned for 2010’s first weekly picture.