Clearing the Cache

Missing 7/16″ Socket

My incomplete socket collectionAs I was replacing a headlight lamp, I managed to drop a socket somewhere in the engine of our car. At first, it was lodged where I could see it, but when I went after it with a long screwdriver, it fell somewhere I couldn’t reach or see.

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52,000 Words for 1 Year


Kadie holding a daffodil

52,000 Words for 1 Year

Eight O’ Clock Shadow

Tree Shadow

Picture This

New Clothes for New Year

Family in RedSome things are a constant: like new clothes from my mom for Chinese New Year. I’m sure my mom has a blast now that she gets to buy girl clothes instead of boy clothes when my brother and I were kids. My resident art director and wife got everyone dressed up to show my mom how great the new dresses look on our daughters.

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Clearing the Cache


Happy Valentines, Happy Chinese New Year, and Happy Birthday to Oregon! A trio of events on one day. Usually, Valentine’s day is a nightmare to get reservations at a restaurant, and usually, Chinese restaurants are a fail-safe, but since it is Chinese New Year, even Chinese restaurants might be full!

52,000 Words for 1 Year

Gray Before Blue

Foggy Elmonica MAX stationI never get tired of the foggy mornings in the winter knowing that sunshine is in the forecast for the afternoon.

52,000 Words for 1 Year

Green Gems

Plastic beads at the bottom of a vaseAlthough the picture is just beads at the bottom of a flower vase, it reminded me a lot about Avatar. Something about the green-colored stems reaching down to translucent beads makes it look like magic.

I took the picture at Jenni’s cousin’s house as a test shot with a new telephoto lens. I’m very impressed by the sharpness and color given that this shot was handheld and no flash. I wasn’t blown away when I got my previous high-end wide-to-medium-telephoto lens, but this new telephoto has made a great first impression.

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Clearing the Cache

Our Date in 3D

Us watching Avatar in 3DWe finally got to see Avatar in 3D last weekend, as the first movie we’ve seen on a date outing in two and a half years. Funny, how having a kid can change date activities. All in all, Avatar was enjoyable, if too predictable. I, personally, spent more attention trying to see all the 3D, and figuring out how they did it than the story itself.

Clearing the Cache

Changing to Pads

I couldn’t resist getting into the joke about the Apple iPad with the post title–I can see some eyes rolling. I get excited about Apple product announcements because Steve Jobs is an amazing presenter. I enjoy taking sips of the Apple Kool-aid that brainwashes me into wanting an Apple product even if I don’t need it. Thankfully, I have Jenni to talk about it afterward, geek out for a while, and come back to Earth realizing that it’s another fancy toy to learn about, and not something I have a need for.

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