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Seaside and Kooza

Seaside and Cirque du Soleil

We started our fifth anniversary celebration at Seaside for an overnight stay to enjoy the beach, one of Jennilyn’s favorite places. We visit Cannon Beach quite often and Seaside is generally a stop we make on our way back from Oysterville to pick up a snack. When we decided to spend our anniversary at a beach, we realized Seaside would offer us something different yet familiar. I love that the beach is far enough away to be a “get-away” but that we don’t spend a majority of our time in the car driving to our destination.

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52,000 Words for 1 Year

Lost and Found

Have you ever had a song come on the radio just once and you loved it but couldn’t remember it. You listen to the same channel again and again hoping it comes back on and it doesn’t?

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Straight to True North

Happily Five Years After

We’ll have to make a stronger effort to take photos of our everyday lives for our next anniversary. Each anniversary, I sit down and look through the photos from the last year as well as blog posts to see where God has taken Jennilyn and me. As an observation of the obvious, ever since Kadie was born, most of our photos have been about her. Then about both kids after Violet was born. Our lives are very much involved with our kids, as it should be, but I hope that we get more photos of only Jenni and me next year, as this blog is called right?

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52,000 Words for 1 Year

Beauty Behind Bars

Beauty behind bars

52,000 Words for 1 Year

E-mail Daddy

Kadie pretending to e-mail daddy with the printer - Photo by Jenni While I was away at An Event Apart 2010 Seattle web conference for a few days, Kadie pulled up a stool to the printer and imitated sending me an e-mail with our printer. What a thoughtful daughter.

Straight to True North

Happy Easter

Easter Eggs

Here is a closeup of the Easter Eggs we dyed Saturday morning. Kadie had a grand time putting stickers on while we created multi-colored eggs.