Daily Rice and Chicken

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Here’s a video I made for my cousin Wendy’s son, Ryan. He has brought me and Wendy closer this past year. He’s a special boy.

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52,000 Words for 1 Year

Midnight Snack

Midnight snack

Clearing the Cache

Crafting Stars

David and Jack with StarCraft 2That’s Jack and me with his copy of StarCraft from Gamestop’s midnight launch. Yeah, midnight. And I’m thirty one years old. God bless Jack for his undying inner child and our mutual fondness, respect, and history with StarCraft.

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52,000 Words for 1 Year

Walking to Wahclella Falls

Wahclella Falls

Clearing the Cache

Admiring the Alien Swarm

What is almost as fun as surviving a zombie apocalypse with friends is surviving an alien swarm. While I haven’t watched a lot of zombie movies, I’ve seen a few space marines versus aliens. And fighting off an alien menace was best realized in the movie Aliens, specifically from the perspective of the character Hudson.

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52,000 Words for 1 Year

Hawk Eye

Hawk at the Zoo


Happy 1st Birthday Violet!

Violet's party at the zoo
I married a great mom. I love it that Jennilyn goes all out for our kids, despite her body pain and sleepless nights, our girls are loved with all her heart. I forget how much she invests herself until we’re up late decorating or putting together the last details—things I would never think or imagine to do.

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Picture This

Vinh and Nikki

Vinh and NikkiWe were invited to a very purple wedding last night and got some great purple pictures to share. Nikki (I know her as Thao, her Vietnamese name) is a friend from high school. Coincidentally, Vinh and Nikki’s first date was Jenni and my wedding, so it was fun knowing that our beginning was someone else’s beginning as well.

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52,000 Words for 1 Year



Picture This

Photographic Families

Minor, Gallagher, LiaBraaten, and Wirtz Families

In June, Jenni and I had the privilege of photographing two families. My coworker’s family of girls have a wonderful home with a backyard that led into an open field. I was inspired by a different coworker’s photography work to use a reflector more and got great results using the sun that day.

The second family, or I should say families, was Jenni’s cousins in the Longview area. We did a short shoot of the youngest cousin of six months, then a mix of group and individual cousin shots. Some of the best came when we let them play outside. Whew! That was a crazy day with seven little ones (including our two) zooming around.