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Our Marriage Library

Marriage booksFrom the beginning of our relationship, we’ve both enjoyed learning from others what makes a marriage great. It is important to both of us that, not only do we avoid the alarming statistic of divorces, but cultivate a relationship that grows stronger with time.

There have been many books we’ve harvested wisdom, ideas, and laughter from. Some of our favorites are:

  • The Holy Bible: God’s design for marriage is beautiful, strong, powerful, and amazing.
  • The Five Love Languages: Insights on how to love someone in a way that communicates love. We’re thankful that both our primary love languages are quality time.
  • Love & Respect: Most husbands know that their wives love them, but they need something just as much—respect. Without both these elements, a couple can get on a crazy cycle where the husband doesn’t feel respected, so he does not love, and the wife does not respect the husband because she does not feel loved.
  • Every Woman’s Desire: A man’s guide to understanding biblical authority in a husband/wife relationship as well as keeping the purity of the husband’s heart.
  • Your Money Counts: Money is often a source of marital problems, so we made a commitment to understand how to handle finances God’s way to help us make money a tool in our marriage rather than a stumbling block.

By no means are we experts or perfect in our marriage (every aspect is a work in progress), but these books have saved us from unnecessary heartaches and arguments as well as giving us tools to overcome obstacles and challenges together.

2 Responses to “Our Marriage Library”

  1. Cuz Kari says:

    I wait every week to see what you guys post and love this week. I am going straight to the Library tomorrow and checking out Love & Respect. Something we really need right now. I miss getting to see you guys and hope that as our kids get older and more managable…we will get to visit more. Love you guys.

  2. Jenni says:

    Thanks Kari! Ever since mom and dad’s bbq I’ve been thinking of all you guys, sad that I didn’t get to see you this summer. Maybe I’ll send out an email and see if something might work out.

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