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Hire us and we'll shoot you. And you'll look being shot

Photography is a hobby/side job that Jenni and I enjoy doing together. As a hobby, it helps us capture snapshots of our lives. The side job aspect is such a gift from God. To not only serve friends and clients and pay for a potentially expensive hobby, but to work as a team and enjoy each other’s artistry and creativity.

Special thanks to my cousin Eileen for shooting the picture.

Mr. & Mrs. Lim

Laundry and a Movie

Laundry and a movieAlmost a weekly ritual in itself is doing laundry to a movie. Normally, Jenni washes and dries the clothes during the day, then after we put the kids to bed, we relax to a movie with two card tables and three or four baskets of laundry. Folding laundry takes a while longer if we’re watching a good movie.

Mr. & Mrs. Lim

Multi-day Birthdays

Birthday walk on the Hawthorne BridgeOne tradition I’ve enjoyed since being married to Jennilyn is celebrating a birthday multiple days in a row. Our primary love language is quality time, so celebrating birthdays on multiple days allow us to dedicate one day for ourselves, one for friends, and one for family.

For my 32nd birthday, Jenni and I enjoyed a lovely walk in downtown Portland before heading out to dinner at Typhoon. The next day, we gathered with friends for dim sum and beat Super Mario Bros Wii in the afternoon. And tomorrow, we’ll see my folks for more dim sum. It’s been a great birthday!

Mr. & Mrs. Lim

Good Morning

I had a lot of fun taking a photo a week for 2010. I’ll be putting up a gallery of the images soon on the blog once I decide what is the best way to present all 52 photos.

As I thought about new year resolutions and considered if I should continue taking a photo a week, I was inspired by the last photo of the week of 2010. The new year gave me an opportunity to re-evaluate the most important things in my life and choose activities that support them.

I was reminded again that marriage is not easy and takes work to make it everything God intended. So Jenni and I decided that a focal point each week where we can visually capture something about our marriage will be fun and definitely help us with our anniversary slideshow 😉

So here’s our first for 2011: “Good morning.” I love that Jennilyn greets me in the morning with a sweet kiss.

Good morning!

Clearing the Cache

Google CR-48 Chrome OS Notebook

I came home an evening a few days before Christmas to an unmarked box at my doorstep. As the kids were going upstairs to bed, my curiosity got the best of me and I opened the box to find my very own Google Chrome OS notebook! It was quite a surprise! Sure, I signed up for one, but I didn’t think I’d get selected.

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Daily Rice and Chicken

New Years Day Brain Dump

Trying to make pancakes using brown rice flour, rice milk, and no eggs makes crispy outsides but it deceives you! The insides are squishy glue! it’s better to fill the house with smoke from the waffle iron as it blackens the batter and makes for a super crunchy wafer.

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