Mr. & Mrs. Lim

Crossing Bridges

Crossing a bridge, but not before celebrating with a kiss.

I believe one of the best benefits of being married is having your best friend bridge the seasons of life together.

Straight to True North

Happily Six Years After

I mentioned on our last anniversary that we weren’t taking many photos of ourselves since having kids. I’m pleased to report that we have increased the frequency of photos for Jenni and me this year, especially since our a-photo-a-week project is themed around our married life.

I recently came back from a trip where there was a celebration of 60 years of marriage. 60 years! I certainly look forward to and hope that Jennilyn and I will share so many great years together. Even for six years, I cannot begin to count the blessings, grace, and love from God as He orchestrates in our lives.

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Mr. & Mrs. Lim

Garage Band

Our uncommon overture with an accordion and trombone. Our album will be available someday.
We are both blessed with parents who love music. Though our instruments are not what you’d consider complementary, we can love each other in harmony.


Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

One recent morning when I wasn’t feeling well, Kadie said, “We could go to your room. You should do your exercises.”

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Mr. & Mrs. Lim

He Brings Me Flowers

David knows how much I enjoy flowers; especially when I’m in need of some cheer. But then the poor guy sneezes until he’s miserable. Love hurts, right? I think that after six years of marriage, I might have convinced him that I thoroughly enjoy them even when I set them outside the window. Nice thing is, they last quite a bit longer out in the cool air.