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Our Sanctuary

Thanks to Steve Mitchell for taking the photo of us.Beaverton Foursquare Church is our home church and where we committed our lives to each other before God. We’re very thankful for the bible studies, financial courses, wise preachers, great friends, amazing children ministries, and an energetic worship team.

Mr. & Mrs. Lim

Indulging Interests

So many parallels could be made from this picture of our marriage. Sniper and shotgun. Long and short range. Quiet and loud. Single and double barrel. Man and woman.I’m thankful Jenni indulges in my short-term obsessions with equal or more firepower.

Clearing the Cache

jQuery Supersized Slideshow

I’ve always found full background web slideshows visually and technically impressive, but didn’t have the right use for them. After finding the jQuery supersized plugin, I was inspired to use one for my Mauritius, Réunion, and Paris slideshow photo set. I think it turned out pretty well as a slide presentation—so well, that I should redesign our photography site with it.

Mauritius, Réunion, and Paris slideshow with jQuery Supersized plugin

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Mr. & Mrs. Lim

Game Time

I let her beat me at Street Fighter 4, but don't tell her thatI think one of the sexiest things about Jennilyn is the fact that she’ll play games with me—not just simple games, but fighting games, racing games, first person shooters, and real-time strategy games too.

Mr. & Mrs. Lim


We're a different breed.As we were walking through a park on our anniversary, Jenni smiled when she saw another couple that was an Asian male with a Caucasian female. I noticed them too and we were reminded that we’re a mixed race couple.

Our cultural differences don’t come up often except when we gather with our extended families. I’m often the only Asian in the room with Jenni’s family and Jenni is the only Caucasian when we gather with my family. Both of us are loved and accepted—never ostracized.

And, as a bonus, we both inherited more holidays to celebrate.

Just for fun, we looked at our heritage ingredients:

  • 1 cup Chinese
  • 1/4 cup English
  • 1/4 cup Finnish
  • 1/4 cup German
  • 1/4 cup mixture of Swedish, Dutch, Danish, and possibly Native American

I think the ingredients mixed quite well as our daughters are very cute.

Clearing the Cache

Mauritius, Réunion, and Paris

It was such a special trip to travel to where my father was born. I had heard about it in my youth, but never thought much about it, nor how my dad started there. It wasn’t until college, when my friends learned that my dad was born in Mauritius, that my family roots became interesting. From then on, my friends teased that I was part black since the island of Mauritius is 500 miles east of Madagascar, a larger island east of Africa.

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Mr. & Mrs. Lim


Car seats are evilOne of the pillars of our marriage is teamwork. We have our differences in approaches and styles, but we always work together as a team—for life’s big projects and little tasks.