Mr. & Mrs. Lim

Our New, Used, Red Minivan

Our new used minivanWhen Jenni and I returned from test driving a black minivan earlier this week, Kadie requested that our next vehicle be colored red. I told her that we don’t get a choice in the color since we were buying an used minivan. Funny how and when God gives good gifts to little ones, even something as small as color because now we own a red 2010 Kia Sedona.

We’re excited to be able to have passengers other than just our kids. And now we’ll have room for all the stuff for three little kids, a mom who carries along her own toaster oven for homemade, gluten-soy-dairy-and-egg-free waffles, and a dad lugging camera gear, computers, and gadgets.

Mr. & Mrs. Lim

Marrying into a Family

The best in-laws and new brothers anyone could ask forWhen I married Jennilyn, I was also blessed to inherit a large family to love me. It has been important to us that we stayed near and involved with our parents, siblings, and extended families. Having their support gives us strength, hope, and courage for any challenge we face.

Mr. & Mrs. Lim

Ocean Beaches

Cannon BeachThe beach is the background of many of our memories. We visit the beach as frequent as possible because it is one of Jennilyn’s favorite places and it provides negative ions that creates positive vibes. We fell asleep on a hillside of Cannon beach on Jennilyn’s birthday and I got a V-shaped sunburn from my Hawaiian shirt collar. We celebrated our honeymoon on the beaches of Maui. Our fifth anniversary at Seaside was a nice getaway, even though we had baby Violet on board. The sandcastle competition at Cannon beach was amazing five years ago. I’m thankful that the beach is only an hour away, so we can enjoy it easily as a day trip.

Mr. & Mrs. Lim

Time for a Minivan

Our rhythm gets us in trouble.

Quick Facts:

  • The due date is December 6th.
  • No, the pregnancy wasn’t exactly planned.
  • Yes, we are waiting until the baby is born to find out if we have a son or daughter.

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