Violet’s Second Year Video

It’s great that I get to capture the photos and Jenni captures the videos of our kids. I enjoy the videos she puts together each year for our kids. We learn a lot from watching movie commentaries and it’s great to apply that knowledge for our kids. Without further adieu, here’s Violet’s 2nd year video!

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Picture This

Guess Who’s Two?

Violet's birthday cupcake

Mr. & Mrs. Lim

Portland Dance Festival

Portland Dance Festival
We had a mini-vacation this weekend to go out dancing. Jenni’s parents were gracious enough to house us so that our daughters can sleep while we went to late night dancing—two nights in a row. It was so nice to see friends out on the dance floor and reminisce about our dating and dancing days.

Portland Dance Festival was Jenni and my kick-off dance that started our attraction. We had a great night of dancing together which ended with a dip and I found myself staring into her eyes. It was magic.