Clearing the Cache

Full of Thanks and Thanks for the Fullness

Thanksgiving 2012Besides Christmas, Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday because it gathers our family together for a length of time longer than a quick meal, baby sitting exchange, errand, and the like. When I was growing up, I hated Thanksgiving because I always seemed to get in trouble during that holiday. In hindsight, I failed to see all the great times shared because all I focused, and even anticipated, on how I got trouble and scolded. But, a few years ago, when Jack started the initiative where he and I hosted the Thanksgiving meal, I’ve replaced the focus of getting in trouble with my parents to being a parent, and getting in trouble making up recipes in the kitchen Thanksgiving day.

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Clearing the Cache

Davisms: A Homage to Dave Vernier

This Halloween, Vernier’s marketing department decided to pay tribute to our CEO and co-founder, Dave Vernier, by imitating some of his most famous sayings—davisms.

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