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McPherson Family

McPherson Family collage

It’s always fun to have a laid-back photo shoot, especially for our first one of the year. Some times, photo jobs are a guilty pleasure: going on a date with Jenni without kids, sharing a hobby we love, and crafting pictures for our friends.


Happy Birthday Violet!

Who knew that one of our girls would have so much sass and spunk. We nickname her “Hollywood” because she does not shy from the spotlight, loves being on center stage, and is deliciously dramatic. For all the ferocity she has, her tenderness when she wants to be held is so cozy that I could snuggle with her for hours and not feel the time go by.

And she gives the best fist bumps. And thanks to her uncle Jack, she also can sneak past the fist bump for a snail.

Here is Violet’s 3rd year video, lovingly crafted by Jenni.

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Picture This

Happy Fourth of July!

Kadie's fingers painted red, white, and blue

Clearing the Cache

Diablo 3: Simplifying the Search for Stuff

I remember watching a friend show me Diablo 1 back in high school when it was released. I honestly didn’t get it and found the game boring. I knew that it was a major success from gaming publications, but I just didn’t get it.

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