Picture This

A Touch of Tungsten

Collage of photos in tungsten white balance
I experimented with my new camera and left the white balance on tungsten. The photos looked more interesting than auto white balance, so I created a set of photos with the blue tint.

Clearing the Cache

My Canon Camera

Despite all the promise of mirrorless cameras, I still choose a faithful SLR for my next camera body. But, it might be the last SLR I’ll buy.

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Clearing the Cache

Stuck in a Blizzard… Game

I’ve been gaming more often since November. The last quarter of the year is stressful at work as we prepare our annual product catalog and the holidays. I find gaming to be a fun, stress-relieving activity. It’s gotten better lately because I’ve been able to play with coworkers.

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Clearing the Cache

A Lesson On Stealing

My son stole something.

Did he know he had it when we left the store? Yes. Did he know stealing is wrong? Yes.

I sighed with disappointment. I didn’t think I’d have to deal with this issue with my kids since they are content with their toys and so good at not whining about buying toys at stores. They’re so good in fact that I enjoy taking them out to stores for window shopping.

Perhaps he’s confused.

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