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Bring Your Child to Work Day 2019

It’s fun seeing my workplace through my kids’ eyes. They must imagine that I go in and play with toys all day. And in some respects, I do.

Vernier hosted their annual Bring Your Child to Work Day and my three kids look forward to it every year they’ve been able to attend. The scientists at Vernier orchestrate experiments, demos, and activities that are unparalleled. They have so much fun showing how much fun science can be. I’m always grateful for all planning, preparation, and enthusiasm poured into the young visitors.

Clearing the Cache

My 40th Birthday Weekend

I hate to admit it, but Jenni’s right (as she often is): I stress out about my birthdays. With it being my 40th, the expectations were higher than usual. Back in July, I already started a brainstorm of what I wanted to do. However, when it came around to January, I found myself lost.

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Biomimicry: Solutions Inspired by Nature

My friend and mentor, Jake Hopkins, visited Costa Rica for a week to attend a biomimicry workshop. I asked if I could try an interview-style video of his presentation and he was gracious enough to accept.

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Black Ninjas Soccer

Bruce played on the Aloha United Soccer Club this fall in the micro soccer league. I helped out as an assistant coach half-way through the season since the coach was managing three teams. We’re very thankful for the coaches who dedicated their time helping the boys learn soccer fundamentals and teamwork.

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Seeing the Sights in Seattle

Photo of us from the top of the Space Needle

As a milestone present for Kadie’s 10th birthday, we traveled to Seattle so she could see the Space Needle for the first time. We explored the Seattle Center area all afternoon before staying a night at an AirBnb house. Before we enjoyed the view from the top of the Space Needle, we visited the Chihuly Glass and Garden and marveled at the glass artwork. Though both the Space Needle and the Chihuly Glass were amazing, I suspect that the playground at the Seattle Center was one of her highlights. One of my highlights was being able to chat and chill with her in the rental car, talking about anything at all. They do grow up so fast.

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Playing in a Pile of Leaves at Costco

We took advantage of the warm weather yesterday to play in the Costco leaves one more time. The kids weren’t interested, so Jenni, Leah, and I got the pile to ourselves. Naturally, we had to record our adventure.

I purchased a Chinese knock-off action camera off a deal last week and it’s been ear-to-ear grinning for me playing with wide-angle and slow-motion video.

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My 20-Year High School Reunion

Benson Reunion at Ecotrust 028

“Why do you do this?” asked an intoxicated classmate at the end of the reunion. Her question caught me off guard because I didn’t have an immediate answer.

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LEGO Lakeside Lodge (31048) Timelapse

Building LEGO Lakeside Lodge with my kids right before bedtime.

Music credit: Arcade Paradise by Scott Holmes from

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LEGO Assault Hovertank Timelapse

Clearing the Cache

Rescue On Hoth

Here’s a short film the kids and I created using their LEGO Star Wars Microfighters.