Happy 5th Birthday Bruce!

Collage of Bruce's portraits in the shape of the Chinese character for five

Your smile brightens up everywhere you go and your zest for life keeps us young Bruce! Thank you for the joy God has put in your heart and may it always be a light for us to live freely and fully. I’m grateful for all these years with you and all the years to come!


Happy 9th Birthday Kadie!


Kadie-girl, you are my pride and joy. You are so sweet and compassionate, smart yet humble, and trustworthy and responsible. You’ve matured so much this year and each day is a new gift as we help you become the woman God has designed you to be.


Happy 7th Birthday Violet!

Collage of Violet photos in the shape of a Chinese character seven


Jedi Training at Disneyland


Happy 4th Birthday Bruce!

Collage of Bruce photos in the shape of a Chinese character four


Happy 8th Birthday Kadie!

Collage of Kadie's photos in the Chinese character for eight


Happy 6th Birthday Violet!

Violet's 6th birthday collage


Happy 3rd Birthday Bruce!

Bruce's age in Chinese
Here’s mommy’s birthday video for you.

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Happy 7th Birthday Kadie!

Kadie photo collage in shape of Chinese character for seven

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Happy Birthday Violet!

Photo collage of Violet in the shape of the Chinese character for five.

You’ve stepped it up this year Vi! With Kadie gone to kindergarten, you took care of your little brother and helped mommy around the house. You bring the gift of laughter into our house with your silly antics and tall tales.

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