Daily Rice and Chicken

Cory as a Dad

Daily Rice and Chicken

Travis as a Dad

Daily Rice and Chicken

Larry Rotter And Hord Of The Pings

I found this draft I wrote 2 years ago but never posted. It says “Last edited on November 30, 2010 at 3:41am!” Ah, insomnia can be quite productive at times. But that could also be why I forgot about it for a while. Or was it the Confundus Charm? Who knows, but here goes!

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Daily Rice and Chicken

Conversations From This Past Week

Bruce (4am): Waaa waaa waaa…!
Mommy: Bruce! Please, go to sleep! Why can’t you stay asleep? Every hour! Every half hour! Come on! Please sleep!

Jenni: God, help! I hurt so bad, and I’m so tired. Help!

Bruce (daytime): Waaa waaa waaa…! Achoo!
Kadie: Snot!
Violet: Boogers!

Jenni: Why are you being so nice to me when I’m being so mean to you?
David: Because it hurts more.
Jenni: Because it hurts more, you twit.
David: That would be stooping down to your level.

Jenni: I need chocolate.

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Daily Rice and Chicken

How Are You Feeling?

When people ask me how the pregnancy is going, my short answer is usually A) “Great! Thanks to my chiropractor!” Or, I think I’ll add a B) “Great! I’ve got an amazing husband who massages my feet all the time!”

The long answer goes something like this:

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Daily Rice and Chicken

Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra Concert

A good friend of mine, Tiffany, asked me to record her solo in her orchestra concert. This was a special event because trombones rarely have solos. It brings me back to my own experiences of sitting in the back of Clark College’s Orchestra, counting 90 measures and then trying to hit a clear, high C… “Ta TAAAAAA!”

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Daily Rice and Chicken

New Years Day Brain Dump

Trying to make pancakes using brown rice flour, rice milk, and no eggs makes crispy outsides but it deceives you! The insides are squishy glue! it’s better to fill the house with smoke from the waffle iron as it blackens the batter and makes for a super crunchy wafer.

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Daily Rice and Chicken

Rainclouds + Sunshine = Rainbows

Everyone experiences rainclouds in life. Sometimes I wonder just how many rainclouds can gather over my head at once. This past month was a doozy for us, but thankfully we had God as a big umbrella over us, and some glimpses of sunshine through our friends and family.

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Daily Rice and Chicken

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Here’s a video I made for my cousin Wendy’s son, Ryan. He has brought me and Wendy closer this past year. He’s a special boy.

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Daily Rice and Chicken

We’ll See You Again, Uncle Steve

Steve and FamilyI went to my Uncle Steve’s funeral today. He was my mom’s younger brother, the youngest of 5. He had five kids himself, with some grandchildren too. Cancer is what took his life.

He had been diagnosed a couple years ago, and seemed to overcome it. But a while later the cancer returned. He had to stop teaching in September due to the pain, and from then on he battled it out until the Lord took him home last Friday.

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