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Creative Campfire

Paper Campfire 003

The creativity of children continues to remind me of how simple fun and joy can be.

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Batcomputer 002
‘Puter! Who’s the darkest knight of them all?

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Merry Christmas!


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LEGO Resistance X-Wing (75149) Timelapse

Bruce has always dreamed of owning his favorite Star Wars spaceship. For his birthday, we happily obliged. He was so excited to build this set and it is a great addition to our Rebel fleet.

Music credit: The March of the Resistance by John Williams (Cover by Sebastián Rivera)

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Thankful for Thanksgiving

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Legends in LEGO: Episode 2

Coulson and Ghost Rider

Since my first post about LEGO photography, we’ve continued to collect brick sets to play, create, and photograph. I love that our kids unleash their imagination by minfig stories or constructing structures and vehicles. This past year, I’ve upgraded my lighting equipment to improve my shots and tried timelapse videos as we built some sets. I’ve joked with Jenni that we’ve probably spent a little much on LEGO lately.

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Total Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse 002

After months of anticipation for The Great American Eclipse, we drove early in the morning to experience its totality. That was my plan A, which became plan B, then plan C, then back to plan A.

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Legends in LEGO

050 Toys at Cannon Beach

What I love most about photography is how many forms it can take. I have gone through sprints of photography in the past after learning a new technique or acquiring new gear, but my latest fascination is different. It is like traveling to another country instead of visiting a state across the border.

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Portraits at Costco


It’s our sixth time playing with the colorful leaves at Costco. I’m happy that our kids love this tradition of playing in the leaves and we’ve managed to catch them before they’re all cleaned up or the rains come.

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A Touch of Tungsten

Collage of photos in tungsten white balance
I experimented with my new camera and left the white balance on tungsten. The photos looked more interesting than auto white balance, so I created a set of photos with the blue tint.