So We Love To Watch Dance

Top 8: David’s Favorites

I’m starting to think I’m an old fogie since I’m agreeing more with Nigel the last few episodes. Tonight’s show was a lull for me. The opening number from Travis was ok, but nothing as spectacular as last week’s. However, the show skyrocketed to new heights in the last 30 minutes.

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So We Love To Watch Dance

Top 10: David’s Impressions

This post is a little late since we were celebrating the birth of our daughter last week. However, there were some amazing performances that I keep returning to in my sleep-deprived state.

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So We Love To Watch Dance

Top 12: David’s Thoughts

Nigel’s statement summed up the season for me, just before announcing who was going home, that they were looking for stars. All the dancers this seasons were technically great dancers, but not many of them were stars.

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So We Love To Watch Dance

Top 14: David’s Thoughts

I’m glad this season has picked up after two lackluster episodes in a row. There were some very strong performances from the top 14 dancers, including a few surprises.

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So We Love To Watch Dance

Top 16: David’s Thoughts

After last week’s underwhelming episode and resulting the loss of Max and Ashley, I wasn’t as excited this week for So You Think You Can Dance. Unlike last season, I’m not attached to anyone much anymore, despite my initial pick of Caitlin. Tonight’s episode had some good dances, but nothing as explosive as the first show of the season.

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So We Love To Watch Dance

Top 18: David’s Thoughts

It’s really hard to top good things. Like the high of falling in love, having a great dance, achieving a lifelong dream, or sharing in fun times with friends—the past is too strong to let the present have a chance. That’s how I felt about tonight’s SYTYCD performances. None of the routines captivated me.

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So We Love To Watch Dance

Top 20: David’s Favorites

The first show with the top 20 was quite strong. Most of the couples did well for their first time on stage. I wonder if it’s because these competitors have a sense of what’s coming from watching previous seasons or are better prepared with training. Either way, I’m happy with it since we get to be entertained and inspired.

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So We Love To Watch Dance

Top 20: Jenni’s Favorites

Since I’m not really danceable at present time, I get my kicks watching others strut their stuff. What a strong start for this season of So You Think You Can Dance!

Being that it’s Thursday, now, and we’ve said good bye to two dancers, I’m sad to see that Paris got cut. I really liked her audition piece, and she seems like a neat person to get to know. I agree with David that she is more interesting as a dancer and person than Asuka, but I also think her solo tonight wasn’t super strong. Bummer. Her partner, Tony, was also cut. He was alright – a fun entertainer, but not strong in dance compared to the others. I sort of wanted to see how much he would grow on the show, but I guess we won’t get that chance. Bummer.

On a side note, there’s one person I’m really sad wasn’t in the top 20; not because he wasn’t good enough (he is amazing!) but because he was bound to his contract with the Miami City Ballet Company – Alex Wong.

Here’s some of my favorites from opening night. Some of the routines are more of a tie for me, but here’s my general ranking.

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So We Love To Watch Dance

So You Think You Can Dance: Season 5 Begins

Jenni and I didn’t really catch onto So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) until season 3. We caught the tail-end of season 2 to see that Benji Schwimmer won, and eventually caught some of the best routines on YouTube. I don’t think we actively watched season 3 until we saw some great routines on YouTube early on. But, we didn’t get into voting until season 4. That’s when we knew we were really, really hooked.

We have found ourselves talking a lot about the routines and inspired by dance while we’re off the dance floor through SYTYCD. We figured we might as well share our thoughts on our blog this year for season 5 in hopes to get other people excited as well! Stay tuned for our thoughts on the top 20 routines!