Clearing the Cache

Playing in a Pile of Leaves at Costco

We took advantage of the warm weather yesterday to play in the Costco leaves one more time. The kids weren’t interested, so Jenni, Leah, and I got the pile to ourselves. Naturally, we had to record our adventure.

I purchased a Chinese knock-off action camera off a deal last week and it’s been ear-to-ear grinning for me playing with wide-angle and slow-motion video.


Happy 10th Birthday Kadie


Picture This

Legends in LEGO: Episode 2

Coulson and Ghost Rider

Since my first post about LEGO photography, we’ve continued to collect brick sets to play, create, and photograph. I love that our kids unleash their imagination by minfig stories or constructing structures and vehicles. This past year, I’ve upgraded my lighting equipment to improve my shots and tried timelapse videos as we built some sets. I’ve joked with Jenni that we’ve probably spent a little much on LEGO lately.

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Rocky Mountain Road Trip

Saturday, June 24th
Day 1

11am Left home. Feeling sad we didn’t say goodbye to our neighbors who were moving to Iowa that day.

11:30am Jenni realizes her wallet is still at home! Turn around and go back. Glad we came back because we forgot a jacket for David, and to turn on the dishwasher. We stop by our neighbors and say a proper goodbye.

12pm Drove and drove and drove. Thermos lunch, and lettuce wraps for second lunch.

8pm Hotel in Spokane, Washington. Turkey Tacos microwaved for dinner.

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Clearing the Cache

My 20-Year High School Reunion

Benson Reunion at Ecotrust 028

“Why do you do this?” asked an intoxicated classmate at the end of the reunion. Her question caught me off guard because I didn’t have an immediate answer.

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Picture This

Total Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse 002

After months of anticipation for The Great American Eclipse, we drove early in the morning to experience its totality. That was my plan A, which became plan B, then plan C, then back to plan A.

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Happy 8th Birthday Violet!


Straight to True North

Travis and Jenna


We’re so thrilled to have a new sister in the family. Travis and Jenna were married at the historic Deepwood Estate in Salem, Oregon. The weather was perfect and the lovely couple organized an intimate wedding for friends and family. We enjoyed their unique twists, such as a taco food cart, an area for field games, a piñata, and riding off on a tandem bicycle to their happily ever after.

Straight to True North

Happily Twelve Years After



We dropped the kids off with Jenni’s parents in Washington then drove to Sunriver through the Mt Hood route. The sun had set before we got to the mountain and made the entire drive dark. We arrived in four hours, only making two stops: once to try to stop a rattling sound in our gear and another, a bio-break at a casino.

During our drive, we reminisced about our marriage, told each other what we were grateful in each other, and explored conversations that are best uninterrupted by our children’s darling requests.

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Clearing the Cache

LEGO Lakeside Lodge (31048) Timelapse

Building LEGO Lakeside Lodge with my kids right before bedtime.

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