Straight to True North

Happily Nine Years After

For our ninth chapter of our “happily ever after,” we embarked on two health challenges, one ongoing kitchen remodel, and one career milestone.

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Clearing the Cache

My Thirty-Fifth Birthday

Coconut ice cream apple pie with colleagues. Barbeque burgers with in-laws. Chow mein with parents. Allergy-friendly apple pie with kids. LAN party with the guys. Weekend date with Jenni. The best gifts from my birthday week.

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Happy 2nd Birthday Bruce!

Bruce's 2nd BirthdayHappy Birthday Bruce! You make us laugh every day with your contagious smile, and it’s such a joy to discover life through your eyes.

Here is Jenni’s latest masterpiece video. I’m so thankful she puts together a video to summarize each child’s year. The second year for each of our kids have been the most magical and most difficult to edit.

Clearing the Cache

The Making of Vernier in Black

Vernier in Black“You know, we’ll have to do the routine,” I messaged to Agent R1. I never got a response so I assumed he understood my joke. I underestimated Agent R1—and that’s putting it lightly.

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Picture This

Playing in the Crunchies

Playing with leaves at Costco


Happy 6th Birthday Kadie!

Kadie Collage

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Mr. & Mrs. Lim

Our First 5K Race

I hate running. I still hate running after running a 5K race this last Saturday. Why did I do it?

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Happy Birthday Violet!

Violet's 4th Birthday

We had a lovely birthday party at our house for Violet. Many of our friends came to celebrate, and thankfully, some brought their kids so Violet was surrounded by playmates. We enjoyed presents, games, gifts, and a feast. And, of course, no birthday would be complete without a special video from their mom.

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Picture This

Kadie’s First Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Kadie's lost her first baby tooth


A Mother’s Joy

Kadie, Vi, and BruceBeing a mother to my three children has been challenging, but in the end, always a joy. I usually tell people that being a parent is both the most difficult and most wonderful thing at the same time. If only they could stay little! Enjoy each and everyday! Cherish every kiss and every laugh. Be glad to be the one to give them nutritious meals they may not be excited about, and to be the one they want comfort from when they get hurt or are sad. These are the things running through my head when I’m tempted to be grumpy when tired. I don’t want to miss out on enjoying my kids for the gifts that they are to me.

Here’s my snapshot of my kids this Mother’s day:

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