Clearing the Cache

My Superhero Secret

Collage of my superhero alter-ego costumes: Matt Murdock (Daredevil), Tony Stark (Iron Man), and Clark Kent (Superman)

Coming up with a great costume is hard. Especially when I didn’t like wearing costumes. I didn’t like drawing attention. So imagine how thrilled I was with myself when I came up with the perfect costume: superhero alter egos.

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Clearing the Cache

Time for a Watch

I don’t get it. Do I need another screen to distract me from the world? Do I need another device to charge everyday? Those were the thoughts I had about smartwatches. I did not take them seriously until Apple came out with their smartwatch because it would make the product category mainstream. Even then, it didn’t have any killer feature that persuaded me that I needed one. But, as I’ve talked to people who own smartwatches, not just the Apple watch, I’ve learned that a smartwatch is greater than the sum of its parts.

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Happy 8th Birthday Kadie!

Collage of Kadie's photos in the Chinese character for eight

Clearing the Cache

Summer of Camping

I never camped growing up. It was not something my family was interested in doing. After I married Jenni, I had my first camping trip at Battle Ground Lake with her family. While we had interesting neighbors who kept us up all night, I found the experience pleasant.

We planned four camping trips this summer to unplug and adventure the outdoors. Though we only camped three times total, we learned from each one and culminated in camping at the beach.

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Clearing the Cache

My Best Brother Speech

Jack, Rachel, Jenni, and David

I felt relieved when Jack and Rachel practiced their wedding vows at the rehearsal. He was reading them from a sheet of paper and she hadn’t finished her’s yet. I finished my speech two weeks before the wedding, but I trashed it on the week of the wedding, and started over.

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Clearing the Cache

This Second Time at Day Camp

Photo booth collage

With an amazing experience at Beaverton Foursquare’s day camp last year during my my sabbatical, I took a week off from work to serve again. It was also Violet’s first year attending day camp, and her big sister was very excited to share the experience with her.

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Happy 6th Birthday Violet!

Violet's 6th birthday collage

Mr. & Mrs. Lim

Letter to My Husband of 10 Years

Dear David,

Here’s a conglomerate of thoughts as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary. They aren’t smoothed out, maybe a little jumbled, but fun to think about.

“What first brought us together?”

Dance, friendship, attraction. Our close friends were a part of all of that too! God is good, and has good plans for your life. Seek Him first and all else will be added to you.

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Straight to True North

Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary Together

I remembered that the most important part of our wedding to Jenni was not her dress, not the venue, not the cake, and not the ring—it was the people. When she told me that, I found myself astonished by her heart.

I’m thankful that a decade later, our celebration included people at its center. Our anniversary would not be complete without spending time with those who have supported us for the past ten years. What a great gift to have nearly everyone in our original wedding party and our closest friends and family join us in a reunion.

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Clearing the Cache

My 36th Birthday

January blurred by along with my birthday celebrations. I’m so thankful for Jenni who goes above and beyond to kick-start another year of my life with celebrations.

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