Kadie’s First Recital

Straight to True North

Happily Eleven Years After

For our eleventh anniversary, we enjoyed a date weekend together exploring Cathedral Park and the St. John’s bridge. Jenni and I were experimenting with video features of our new camera and sound equipment. Recording good quality video and audio with a SLR camera is much more complicated than I thought. But we enjoyed learning new things as we recorded ourselves answering trivia questions.

We walked across the St. John’s bridge and added it to the list of bridges we’ve crossed together. We hope to walk across all of Portland pedestrian bridges.

  • Hawthorne Bridge
  • St. John’s Bridge
  • Steel Bridge
  • Tilikum Crossing
  • Morrison Bridge
  • Ross Island Bridge
  • Sellwood Bridge
  • Burnside Bridge
  • Broadway Bridge

See photos from St. John’s Bridge

Clearing the Cache

Finding the “I” in “Team”

“Ruthless.” That word would be a compliment if it described my ferocity toward an opponent. Unfortunately, that was how I was described in my attack on a teammate.

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Picture This

A Touch of Tungsten

Collage of photos in tungsten white balance
I experimented with my new camera and left the white balance on tungsten. The photos looked more interesting than auto white balance, so I created a set of photos with the blue tint.

Clearing the Cache

My Canon Camera

Despite all the promise of mirrorless cameras, I still choose a faithful SLR for my next camera body. But, it might be the last SLR I’ll buy.

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Clearing the Cache

Stuck in a Blizzard… Game

I’ve been gaming more often since November. The last quarter of the year is stressful at work as we prepare our annual product catalog and the holidays. I find gaming to be a fun, stress-relieving activity. It’s gotten better lately because I’ve been able to play with coworkers.

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Clearing the Cache

A Lesson On Stealing

My son stole something.

Did he know he had it when we left the store? Yes. Did he know stealing is wrong? Yes.

I sighed with disappointment. I didn’t think I’d have to deal with this issue with my kids since they are content with their toys and so good at not whining about buying toys at stores. They’re so good in fact that I enjoy taking them out to stores for window shopping.

Perhaps he’s confused.

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Picture This



I was inspired after watching A LEGO Brickumentary and WALL-E.


Happy 4th Birthday Bruce!

Collage of Bruce photos in the shape of a Chinese character four

Picture This

Fall Photo Portraits with Friends

Brandis Family
We always enjoy a session with new parents. We photographed Tim and Trina’s wedding six years ago and we were blessed to photograph their growing family.

Penny Family
We met the Penny family through our mutual friend Leah Brandis. They have an unique aesthetic to their portrait sessions that provide us an opportunity to explore new areas of Portland.

Stan Family
We were connected with the Stan family for our first daughters through the Bradley birth course. We’ve photographed their family over the years and it’s always a fun reunion to see their daughters grow up.

Dunn Family
Russell and Shannon first started dating when we were newlyweds. Over the years, we have been witnesses to their wedding, for their daughter, and now, their latest addition to their family.