Clearing the Cache

Mom’s Happy Dance


I’m so proud of my mom. She worked at U.S. Bank for 29 years faithfully so that Jack and I could have the life we have. I’m excited that my mom is now free to pursue her life passions, spend time with her friends and loved ones, and hopefully travel to wherever her heart leads her.


California Road Trip

Disneyland 051

It started with a wish and a dream… “Wouldn’t it be nice to take the kids to Disneyland again? Bruce is 4 and likes waving good-bye to the MAX. He would just love seeing characters and parades!”

Of course, we couldn’t go without Tracy, and this time we needed Larrydad too! And what about our families? Wouldn’t that be fun?!

So this winter began the discussions and planning. I felt like I was already vacationing and enjoying the trip the more I researched about it! We developed what became an 18 day touring plan (Father’s Day weekend through the 4th of July) that included a couple nights in Shasta area, 2 nights in the Sequoia National Park, picking up a Southern California CityPASS and trying out AirBnB lodging in the San Diego area, hitting some theme parks, a couple nights stop at a beach campground, another AirBnB house in Anaheim for 5 nights, then wrapping up with visiting an aunt and uncle and cousins in Alameda for a few nights, and then one more camp stop in southern Oregon before our last leg home.

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Happy 7th Birthday Violet!

Collage of Violet photos in the shape of a Chinese character seven


Jedi Training at Disneyland


Kadie’s First Recital

Straight to True North

Happily Eleven Years After

For our eleventh anniversary, we enjoyed a date weekend together exploring Cathedral Park and the St. John’s bridge. Jenni and I were experimenting with video features of our new camera and sound equipment. Recording good quality video and audio with a SLR camera is much more complicated than I thought. But we enjoyed learning new things as we recorded ourselves answering trivia questions.

We walked across the St. John’s bridge and added it to the list of bridges we’ve crossed together. We hope to walk across all of Portland pedestrian bridges.

  • Hawthorne Bridge
  • St. John’s Bridge
  • Steel Bridge
  • Tilikum Crossing
  • Morrison Bridge
  • Ross Island Bridge
  • Sellwood Bridge
  • Burnside Bridge
  • Broadway Bridge

See photos from St. John’s Bridge

Clearing the Cache

Finding the “I” in “Team”

“Ruthless.” That word would be a compliment if it described my ferocity toward an opponent. Unfortunately, that was how I was described in my attack on a teammate.

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Picture This

A Touch of Tungsten

Collage of photos in tungsten white balance
I experimented with my new camera and left the white balance on tungsten. The photos looked more interesting than auto white balance, so I created a set of photos with the blue tint.

Clearing the Cache

My Canon Camera

Despite all the promise of mirrorless cameras, I still choose a faithful SLR for my next camera body. But, it might be the last SLR I’ll buy.

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Clearing the Cache

Stuck in a Blizzard… Game

I’ve been gaming more often since November. The last quarter of the year is stressful at work as we prepare our annual product catalog and the holidays. I find gaming to be a fun, stress-relieving activity. It’s gotten better lately because I’ve been able to play with coworkers.

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