No More Rice. Still Chicken.

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

My goal for Christmas 2014 was to be purposeful and peaceful.

I made a conscious decision to not fill our calendar to the brim, and was a little more selective on things like treats to make, decorating, and all the Christmas traditions that are fun but not absolutely necessary.

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Happy 3rd Birthday Bruce!

Bruce's age in Chinese
Here’s mommy’s birthday video for you.

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How I Met My Friends

How I Met Leah Brandis

I knew of Leah through Thuy since they both lived in McNary Hall at Oregon State University. I’ll admit that I was jealous that they had a tight-knit group that got to experience new things together. I was just getting started learning ballroom dancing, but I had no other friends who did, so I went on my own. Thuy, Leah, and their other friends went together and benefited from exchanging notes and learning from one another. I knew that they would all grow quickly. And they did. They moved up into the performance team not long after. I wished I had been on the team the same year as them.

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Happy 7th Birthday Kadie!

Kadie photo collage in shape of Chinese character for seven

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Picture This

All Natural

Collage of portraits

Clearing the Cache

My Sabbatical

After ten years of employment at Vernier, each employee receives a four-week sabbatical. I remember thinking, wow, that’s awesome! What would I do with four weeks off? And now, here I am, at the end of my sabbatical thinking, “Wow, that went by fast. What did I do?”

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Picture This

Lamont and Maria

Collage of Lamont and Maria's wedding photos
Lamont and I work in the same department at Vernier, but I didn’t know him until we sat beside each other at a Blazer game. Not long after, I saw him in passing at church, and we began chatting here and there.

I learned that he had been with his girlfriend for several years and he had two beautiful little daughters near the same age as my own daughters. I remember praying that he would marry his girlfriend someday. Not only was that prayer answered several years later, Jenni and I were invited to be their wedding photographers.

We couldn’t be happier for the both of them.

Clearing the Cache

Happy Birthday Jenni!

Portrait of Violet, Jenni, Bruce, and Kadie


Happy Birthday Violet!

Photo collage of Violet in the shape of the Chinese character for five.

You’ve stepped it up this year Vi! With Kadie gone to kindergarten, you took care of your little brother and helped mommy around the house. You bring the gift of laughter into our house with your silly antics and tall tales.

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Straight to True North

Happy Mother’s Day!

I discovered a wonderful storytelling app for the iPad, Adobe Voice, which allowed us to quickly put together our Mother’s Day sentiments this year. I highly recommend trying it out if you have an iPad and a desire to tell stories. Check out the two we created.